(Irfan Kahn, LA Times)

There is no doubt COVID-19 was going to be a disastrous catastrophe for an extended period, as we have now come to recognize. Though failed, ineffectual leadership has led to this failure in mitigation, social media’s deleterious effect on the population has come to breed an altogether innovatory proclivity.



I read and then posted an essential article in the NY Times this morning on Twitter, which highlights a pertinent subject in this country — arguably as a global issue, as well.

The article, written by Miriam Jordan, titled “Decline in Immigration Threatens Growth of Regions on the Rise,” conveys…

Image: Uschools/Damien Geso/Getty Images.

For Republican leadership—the same leadership that represents this now maladjusted and disordered party—to suggest the current cyberattack on the Colonial Pipeline is because Democrats are not supporting more fossil fuel dependency is just culpable.

We don’t need the Keystone XL Pipeline.

That’s not why Eastern European hackers, known as DarkSide

Andrew Nintzel

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