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It’s practically inconceivable to suppose we can make a monumental difference in the crisis unfolding regularly. Similar to most issues unraveling in the United States, partisan resistance is the current apodeictic reality. The chronic “Us vs. Them” psyche seems to have become such a norm, that it has spiraled into…

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There is no doubt COVID-19 was going to be a disastrous catastrophe for an extended period, as we have now come to recognize. Though failed, ineffectual leadership has led to this failure in mitigation, social media’s deleterious effect on the population has come to breed an altogether innovatory proclivity.



I read and then posted an essential article in the NY Times this morning on Twitter, which highlights a pertinent subject in this country — arguably as a global issue, as well.

The article, written by Miriam Jordan, titled “Decline in Immigration Threatens Growth of Regions on the Rise,” conveys…

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Whether it’s due to recalcitrance, ignorance, or the belief that they are invincible, young people are creating a superfluous crisis; a crisis that will harm many and cause unnecessary stress to the hospital system. …

Illustration by Sebastien Thibault

Quite bluntly, aside from the most consequential and misconstrued error of Republicans to eliminate this affinity to Donald Trump, the party is continually finding new ways to completely shatter any hopes of ever showing the capability and effectiveness to take back the White House. …


As we scrutinize just how extraordinary COVID’s detriment has been to some Americans, but then not to others (some have only gotten richer since the pandemic started), we must be conscious of the government’s failure to provide approved aid to renters in need.

In a piece in VOX by Jerusalem…

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The majority of Americans are well aware of how unhinged and inadmissible the Jan 6th attack was for this country. Although, with habitual conjecture, the now broken party of Republicans and Populists are doing their best to make sure many Americans interpret the insurrection as plausible.

Now, the same populists…

Image: Uschools/Damien Geso/Getty Images.

For Republican leadership—the same leadership that represents this now maladjusted and disordered party—to suggest the current cyberattack on the Colonial Pipeline is because Democrats are not supporting more fossil fuel dependency is just culpable.

We don’t need the Keystone XL Pipeline.

That’s not why Eastern European hackers, known as DarkSide

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If you look at what is occurring, post the 2020 election, and now the attempt to audit ballots in Arizona with this company called “Cyber Ninjas,” nothing edifying can be attributed to the Republican party moving forward. The party of Lincoln is dead, and anybody who may attempt to register…

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For all the damage COVID has inflicted on the psyche of the American public, it’s striking to see where things are headed now – regarding the economy and the job market. It almost seems, for many Americans, that the virus is long gone; forgotten as something precarious from the past…

Andrew Nintzel

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